Drinks machine Leasing

The Benefits Of Leasing

Save your business time and money with a leased hot drinks machine

leased hot drinks machines

Getting the right machine for the job.

Because leasing spreads the cost of financing capital equipment, it enables you to buy the right machine for the job, instead of buying the machine you think you can afford.

Fully tax deductible

Every payment made to a lease is fully tax deductible meaning that you can claim back up to your maximum tax rate of the total amount that you lease. The amount of tax you save can be offset to cover the interest you pay.

Spreads the cost

Spread the equipment costs over several years, over the equipment’s useful life.

Leasing doesn’t tie up capital

Leave more money to invest into your business.

Choice of terms

A lease can be set up over a number of terms , generally with monthly or quarterly payments.

Easy to budget

A lease is a fixed term, fixed rate contract. Whatever happens to interest rates, payments stay the same throughout the life of the contract.

Easy to set up

All documentation can be completed for you and setting up a lease is very straight forward.

For an example of how a fixed term lease could benefit you - or for lease
quotations on your choosen equipment - please contact us.

Finance Options

Something to suit any budget
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In this complex world, sourcing capital equipment can be a headache – so we offer a simple range of solutions with something to suit everyone. Subject to status and circumstances, we provide the following options:

Discounted outright purchase

If you are happy to pay upfront then we will give you the best deal we can, by passing on our excellent manufacturer discounts - this is often the simplest and most beneficial option.

Lease rental:

We introduce you to a leasing company who, subject to your status, buy the equipment and then rent it back to you for a fixed price over a set term, usually 3 or 5 years. The benefit is a low regular cost which is tax efficient, plus you may have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the term for a small administration payment (please note that fees may apply and full terms will be provided upon application).


Where available, we may offer our own refurbished equipment on a straight rental basis, usually over a minimum 2 year term. This may be a good option if you have a tight budget or short term requirements.

Free on loan

We supply the equipment to you on loan free of charge, provided you agree to purchase a minimum volume of drinks products each month – where this minimum volume is not met then charges may apply. These agreements are usually for a term of 5 years for new equipment or 2 years for refurbished.

Whichever finance option you choose, we will always give you our best deal – without the need to haggle!

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