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However good our Caffe Kiraz coffee is, sometimes nothing beats a luxurious hot chocolate – comforting, creamy, whipped together with a touch of milk, creating a delicious velvety texture every time. And our chocolates are not just great to enjoy on their own. Try mixing them with some of our Caffe Kiraz coffees or Monin flavoured syrups and you maybe onto something extra special....!

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Van Houten Hot Chocolate

C.J. VAN HOUTEN invented the process of manufacturing cocoa in 1828 (3 years before John Cadbury opened his first factory in London in 1831). Very soon Van Houten’s cocoa and chocolate powders conquered the hearts of thousands of chocolate lovers as the first choice for a bedtime drink throughout Europe and America, now Van Houten’s range of high quality cocoa and chocolate drinks are enjoyed in over 40 countries around the world.

Now with a wide range of cocoa and chocolate products Van Houten’s is all about great chocolate drinks for any moment of the day. When you are choosing Van Houten – you are choosing: Quality – Authenticity and Indulgence.

A selection of what’s on offer:

Van Houten VH10

A gorgeous mild and milky chocolate blend containing 13% of Van Houten’s finest cocoa producing a delightful foam top. An appealing drink for all types of customers.

Van Houten Temptation

Seduce the chocolate lovers in all your customers by offering the premium taste of a smooth and creamy chocolate drink containing 21% of Van Houten’s finest cocoa, a tasty treat for all types of customers.

Van Houten Passion

A voluptuous, Italian style hot chocolate, it’s incomparable, it’s overwhelming, one sip of Van Houten Passion and your customers will taste the force of 33% of Van Houten’s finest cocoa. The rich texture of melted chocolate, intense, dark with a creamy mouth feel will leave no one indifferent.

Van Houten Choc.o.late

Choc.o.late is a liquid chocolate drink made from superior 22% cocoa chocolate, overwhelming and intense in taste with a rich, velvety texture. It can be served hot or cold and can be mixed with milk, cream, fruit juice, alcohol and ice cream to produce a multitude of sumptuous drinks and deserts.

Van Houten White Choco Drink

If you are a fan of white chocolate, you will be delighted to enjoy Van Houten’s white chocolate drink, the smooth, richness of real white chocolate makes it an extraordinary drink, you will want to keep it to yourself.

Original Choc

Milky, malty blend with 10% cocoa producing a sweet treat for anytime of the day.

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