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Coffee machine engineers Norfolk

Barista style coffee is all about luxury and we want it to be a wonderfully indulgent experience! So we provide a full range of roasted coffee beans to satisfy everyone’s tastes – sourced from around the world, you can choose from single origins or sophisticated blends.

Here’s a selection of what’s on offer :

Mocha Italia Blend

Ethiopian Mocha/Ugandan/East African origins. Full bodied, strong tasting dark espresso roast with a roasted hazelnut finish

Mocha Brazil Blend

Brazil Santos/Ethiopian Mocha/Central American origins. Full bodied, full flavoured medium-dark espresso roast with a hint of acidity and chocolate-caramel notes in the finish

Triple Crown Blend

East African/Indonesian/Central American origins. Rich-fine bodied, medium espresso roast, earthy and spicy with a hint of acidity and a nutty-caramel rolling finish

Triple Certified Blend

Fairtrade Organic Rainforest Honduran/Fairtrade Organic Sumatran/Fairtrade Organic Colombian origins. Good body with smokey, spicy, nutty notes from Colombia and Java and a smooth mild finish from Honduras

Columbian Huila

Colombian single origin. Wonderfully bright and fruity, medium-dark espresso roast, with notes of toffee apple and marzipan throughout with roasted hazelnuts and caramel in the finish

Ethiopian Sidamo

Ethiopian single origin. High notes of blackcurrant, medium-dark espresso roast with stone fruit and acidic red cherry, light on the tongue with an aromatic fruity finish

Decaffeinated Blends

Methylene Chloride treated, Co2 gas treated and Swiss Water treated blends available

Whatever your needs, we can supply the right product for you at the right price – and it doesn’t end there – we also provide:

• Free tasting sessions to try new blends
• State of the art Barista and Latte Art training school to help you serve the best coffee
• Development of your own branded blend if you wish
• Roasting factory visits so you understand the whole coffee process
• Our own team of engineers to support your service
• Exclusive access to the premium CaffeKiraz range of “Coffees from around the world”

Come and taste our coffees to see why Drinklink & CaffeKiraz is “Where Great Coffee Begins”…

Coffee machine engineers Norfolk

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Coffee machine engineers Norfolk
Coffee machine engineers Norfolk

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