Ah, the good old English cuppa!

Tea from Drinklink
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Teas can be easily overlooked in our modern international beverage culture, so we have made a special effort to supply a wide range of wonderful teas. From traditional, breakfast & speciality blends, through to decaf & green, and onto fruit & herbal infusions, there is a whole world of tea drinking pleasure to be had!

Here’s a selection of what’s on offer:

Traditional favourites

Such as Tetley, PG and Typhoo – in many formats such as 1 cup bags, tagged, enveloped, decaffeinated etc……..

twinings tea

One of the oldest and most recognised tea brands – Thomas Twining first opened “Tom’s Coffee House” on London’s Strand in 1706. By 1717 Thomas had acquired three adjacent houses and converted them into a shop – 216 Strand London, where the famous Twining’s shop still exists today some 300 years later. Twining’s has a range of traditional and speciality blends along with many fruit and flower infusions.

birchall tea

Handpicked Quality Since 1872. The Birchall story starts with Captain Birchall George Graham, who was posted to India as an officer with the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment. On returning to England after his tour and 18 years of service he sold his commission and in 1872 returned to India to join his brother Robert Fuller Graham making a living planting tea in Darjeeling.

140 years and 5 generations later, Birchall’s award winning speciality and everyday black teas are still exclusively handpicked and sourced from estates across East Africa from Rwanda through to the Great Rift Valley in Kenya.

clipper tea

Mike and Lorraine Brehme’s started the Clipper brand in their Dorset kitchen in 1984 and became the UK’s first Fairtrade tea company in 1994. By 1996 Clipper had gone nationwide and hit the supermarket shelves.

A modern Fairtrade brand with a wide range of traditional and speciality tea blends plus fruit and flower infusions.

Biodegradable tea prisms

The exclusively designed Tea Prisms release the full flavour from the loose leaf teas inside and with their fine bio-degradable mesh netting these Tea Prisms allow for the purest infusion - just sit back and watch those beautiful flavours infuse and come alive in your cup.

loose tea
Loose Leaf Teas

For that special authentic touch we can source a wide variety of exotic loose teas along with the specialist brewing equipment you will need.

As you can see, we have something for everyone’s taste – so re-kindle your love affair with tea – Contact us Today………

Coffee machine engineers Norfolk

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