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Espresso Machines from WMF UK

An exciting partnership to provide excellent espresso machines
Commercial espresso Machines

We have partnered with WMF UK to present a new range of commercial espresso machines. We offer several different styles to meet your requirements.

Our trained engineers have been qualified by WMF UK to install and service EMF’s premium quality espresso machines, including the models: 1200S, 1500S and the 8000S.

WMF espresso Machines

The WMF range of fully automatic espresso machines include the following options:
Plumbed or internal water tank
1, 2 or 3 bean grinders
Pre-ground decaf coffee chute
Chocolate or topping canisters
Milk coolers
Cup warmers
Payment systems
Hot and cold milk dispense
Fully adjustable dispense heads for different style cups
Hot water for tea
Built in cleaning and descaling systems.

The list of WMF options is endless. If you are looking for a fully automatic bean to cup espresso system with fresh milk, look no further...think WMF...think Drinklink!

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Traditional Espresso Machines

Also introducing the all new WMF espresso. All the theatre of a traditional espresso machine but with the consistancy of an automatic bean to cup.

Espresso machines Norfolk

12 Fully adjustable recipes
Fully automatic or manual steam wands
Hot water outlet
Steam jet for pre-heating 2 cups at a time
Heatable cup storage
Fully automatic cleaning system

The WMF espresso automatically grinds the coffee into portafilter, tamps the coffee and brews the perfect espresso, cutting out the need for a fully trained Barista and allowing you to hire who you want.

If you want the perfect espresso - hand made automatically...think WMF...think Drinklink!

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